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Paradise City

Most of you would be thinking about Hyderabad due to the Paradise Biryani (which by the way, isn’t that good) but I’m referring to Bangalore (Bengaluru), my 2nd home. India just won the most improbable & impossible test match in Bangalore. After the 1st innings debacle (apart from KL Rahul), they fought like the Spartans … Continue reading Paradise City

Civil War

Yep, it’s that time of the year when you kiss and tell. I’m talking about the Guns N’ Roses concert, aptly named, “Not in this lifetime”. Apparently, somewhere in noughties (90’s), AXL had said these words in response to a question. The question was whether the original line up of Guns N’ Roses would ever get … Continue reading Civil War


Yes, I’m referring to India’s capitulation against the Aussies in the 1st Test at Pune. I mean, come on… We lose the toss (least of our worries!), We then don’t bowl Umesh till late in the innings, We don’t have an answer to Mitchell Starc’s batting (forget about asking questions; as if he was Chris Gayle!), We … Continue reading Chopsuey

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